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Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone

Our decorative aggregate is suitable for paths, patios, driveways, ground cover and water features. We bring a wide selection of colours and textures to complement any garden or landscaped environment.

Define your outdoor space and bring symmetry between the house and garden with hard elements. When designed with vision and style, hardscapes create functionality while beautifying the architecture of your home into the outdoor environment.

Hardscapes are works of art.  Each unique design uses color, texture and dimension to bring one-of-a-kind elegance to the finished project.  Our crews have hands-on experience installing decorative stones.

Decorative stone is a popular alternative to woody mulch. Stone is attractive, permanent, and ideal for areas that require perfect drainage. A wide variety of types, sizes, and colors of stone are available to the homeowner, to complement any landscape.

Decorative stone and gravel mulches are well-suited for sites that are prone to erosion. In addition, they store heat and may help protect tender plants which might be sensitive to temperature extremes.


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